Briefly noted Curiosities: 23 Oct 07

Braille Tattoo

What if your significant other were blind and wanted to ‘see’ your tattoo?


Klara Jirkova, a student at the University of Arts Berlin, thinks implantable beads placed just under the skin could form readable braille characters, as expressed in Tattoos for the Blind art project.

…implants creating embossed text in braille placed under skin, can be read by touch – stroke by blind people. it could be either a small slide with embossed text in braille or bead-style implants (in this case the size of the beads must be a bit bigger than the standardized size of braille text. too small beads will sink in the muscles and they will not be embossed). alternative – transdermal implants, placed partially below and partially above the skin…

» Via Technovelgy.


Office Collar

Lost your privacy and focus in an open-plan office? Simone Brewster has a solution, hand made and in white leather:


‘Nuff said.

» Via SensoryImpact.

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  2. This is too Funny! How about for the A.D.D.? Can we Purchase this, my father needs one.. BADLY!! Maybe now when I try and converse with him.. he will look at me and listen!!

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