Briefly noted Curiosities: 28 Oct 07

Creando conciencia en las calles


Outstanding blending of digital and hand-drawn typography for a thoughtful second-take effect. (More at the site.)

» Via NFG.


Oversized screw as a table by FinnishDesignShop


For when you need to send a signal to your advertising agency or application development shop; nice furniture for close-quarters negotiations.

» Via Sensory Impact.


Walking on exhibit walls


While designing the space for the 2007 collection of 100% Products, Nendo decided to lock the entire exhibit – furniture and all on to the wall surface. The spatial hack was intended to create attention by allowing the viewer to see the exhibit from a floor above. In addition, any visitor the booth would end being part of the exhibit by appearing to be walking on the wall of the room.

» Via Sensory Impact.