6 thoughts on “Daily question: RIM Flip vs. iPhone

  1. Berend: “any new phone is assessed for its potential as an iPhone-killer”

    Excellent observation. Instead of getting perpetually fractured, markets usually coalesce around 1-3 products. If all competitors will define their product against one specific one (like they did with the iPod) it’ll only solidify its market pulling power.

  2. Actually, the most popular mobile web browser on the market is Opera Mini — it already has tens of millions of users, more than the number of total iPhones sold to date.

  3. If that phone does well as a Blackberry despite the small screen, it’s pretty clearly not the phone that people are buying, but the software (i.e. email client + RIM push service).

    If it’s about the software, then who can really touch the iPhone?

    Can any flip phone with that small of a screen browse the web? Or play games? Or not suck at browsing music? Buying music? Viewing photos? etc.

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