Daily question: DECE DOA

Dreams of Harmony, Again:

…a bunch of media, entertainment and consumer electronics companies are working together on something called “Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem”, or DECE, which is a set of standards to develop a uniform media device ecosystem, the tenth such effort over the years. The details will apparently be announced at CES in Jan next year.

The group includes Alcatel-Lucent, Best Buy, Cisco, Comcast, News Corp’s Fox Entertainment Group, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Lions Gate Entertainment, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, VeriSign, and Time Warner’s Warner Bros. Guess the company everyone’s aiming for who isn’t in there…

  • ABA = Anybody But Apple
  • CSS = Content Scrambling System
  • AACS = Advanced Access Content System
  • DRM = Digital Rights Management
  • DECE = Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem
  • PLOAP = Painting Lipstick On A Pig

If Microsoft’s PlaysForSure failed, why would DECE succeed?

5 thoughts on “Daily question: DECE DOA

  1. Isn’t this the same sort of thing Dell is supposedly working on right now with “Zing”? I don’t see their name up there on the list of participants.

  2. DOA. People will expect better integration of their entertainment system to their computers in the future, so down the road, all the DECE (Dead Entertainment Control Effort) members will have to look to MSFT and depend on it to engineer and implement the final hardware and user experience. Count on MSFT to fail because it simply does not know where the future of hi-tech is going, nor has it the customer service expertise like Sony, Nintendo, or Apple. I mean, come on, they even included Best Buy in the group. What does Best Buy know or care about digital rights technology besides its recent Napster nabbing? Why don’t they include WalMart and Dell in the mix too?

  3. DECE would succeed: at tying up these firms technical, legal and marketing departments for years. Microsoft and Verisign would make out like bandits with all the efforts to create protected content, and certify authorized players.

    At best, some form of a common standard would get excreted in Windows 7, burden the hardware even more than the HDCP in Vista, and be as welcomed by consumers. The modular design of Cisco’s IOS would allow them to be choosy about what to include or not include in their networking gear, but I suspect they will stick to moving packets without deference to a DRM scheme unless they controlled the scheme.

  4. I think there’s too much competing business between the companies in this group for this to work properly.

    One could always dream of buying a DVD, legally being able to copy the content to one’s PMP or streaming it to your console/set-top box connected to your TV.

    I dream of that future and would buy more DVD’s if this happened.

  5. quote:
    “If Microsoft’s PlaysForSure failed, why would DECE succeed?”

    There is one big difference with DECE: they all against Apple!
    (The foe of my foe is my friend!)

    In PlayForSure, everybody was fighting against the other (and paying Microsoft).

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