Daily question: Best Buy buys Napster

“This transaction offers Best Buy a recognized platform for enhancing our capabilities in the digital-media space and building new, recurring relationships with customers,” said Brian Dunn, president and chief executive of Best Buy. “Over time we hope to strengthen our offerings to consumers, who we believe will increasingly seek devices and solutions that enable them to access their content wherever, whenever and however they want.”

What part of “consumers haven’t exactly flocked to subscription-based music plans” does Best Buy not understand?

3 thoughts on “Daily question: Best Buy buys Napster

  1. So now Best Buy will load Napster crapware on PCs, adding a layer of crap from the retailer onto the crap from the OEM, and the crap from the OS supplier.

    And then Geek Squad will make more money configuring the crapware, and removing the crapware.

    And their customers will learn only FUD about iTunes.


  2. I do like your new “Daily Question”.

    In this question, i think the only thing BB has purchased is the Napster name.

    Napster is the other only name common people knows besides iTunes.

  3. “consumers haven’t exactly flocked to subscription-based music plans” This business model is inherently flawed can’t still get people who started the Free MP3 disruption are still not getting it. Best buy might rework that, but this WON”T work till there is a radically new proposition for the consumption.

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