Daily question: ExitReality soon to exit

About ExitReality:


ExitReality is a new technology that has made the entire Internet 3D. By creating an instant 3D world from any web page, ExitReality adds a new dimension to the Internet. And this new universe of inter-connected worlds expands even beyond 2D to include thousands of innovative 3D places and games created over the past decade, and now ready to be explored.

It’s an opportunity for any Internet user to connect with friends, meet new people with the same interests, and create a virtual home. An easy decoration tool allows anyone to build a unique 3D version of their website or social network page for everyone to see and friends and others to visit – see them, wave to them and chat to them with 3D avatar multi-user chat. Open standards mean any business or 3D designer can create places and worlds that can be visited with ExitReality, and things, widgets, gadgets and other applications that can be used to decorate 3D web spaces.

Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome Internet browsers, ExitReality includes a 3D search engine, which gives the user access to the biggest repository of 3D objects and worlds on the Internet. It’s free and easy to get started. After a quick 3.7MB download, the ExitReality Internet browser plug-in is installed and a button with the ExitReality logo appears on the browser. Visit any web page and click on this button to convert the 2D webpage instantly into a 3D place.

ExitReality is the solution to what vexing problem?

4 thoughts on “Daily question: ExitReality soon to exit

  1. Problem: the internet is too much “information” and not enough “clumsily fumbling around in an arbitrary display of infotainment disregarding all usability.”

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