Daily question: Microsoft’s new mission statement

30 years ago, Paul Allen and Bill Gates set a mission for Microsoft:

“a computer on every desk”

This year, Microsoft’s mission statement has been revised:


“Create experiences that combine the magic of software with the power of Internet services across a world of devices.”

BizTalk, Encarta, Exchange, Expression, IntelliMouse, MS Dynamics, MSN, MS Office, Publisher, SharePoint, Surface, Virtual PC, Vista, Visual Studio, Windows Live , Windows Mobile, XBox, Zune…and a thousand others.

Where’s the magic?

4 thoughts on “Daily question: Microsoft’s new mission statement

  1. The magic?

    Well i think Microsoft’s magic hat blew away the day distribute Windows Vista, and that horribly designed and awfully colored Zunes!… Man who will want a brown “popo-colored” mp3 player?

    Connectivity with WIFI sucks in Vista!… yesterday I was with one friend and his practically new HP laptop, with a huge an gorgeous 17″ screen at a Coffee Shop… I asked for the WEP key and in just 15 seconds I was browsing on my 15″ MacBook Pro…

    People: We spent there 1 hour, and he tried to connect the half of that time to the same network I did in seconds! with the same key!… even I put in the key, give it to him on an USB memory for copying and pasting… and nothing! man! it was frustrating… “I’ll try to install Ubuntu 8 on my notebook anyways”. – He told me. – “You better do.” I said.

    Where is the magic?

  2. Good for you, Rask. Your experience directly frames my concerns with Microsoft’s mission:

    1. You’ve been doing well with devices where Microsoft controls the hardware platform: the Zune and Xbox are made for MS, and the Media Center is made by very few third parties to MS specifications. I suspect if you tried to integrate and synch your media with a smartphone you would have more trouble, especially with things like podcasts which are a natural for such devices.

    2. You do have computer and networking skills well beyond that of the average computer user. My good friend has a Masters in Environmental Science, and uses Windows PCs at work every day, but was unable to connect his Xbox over Ethernet to his Media Center at home. I did it for him on a holiday visit.

    3. You did not mention any content protected by the myriad of incompatible DRM schemes and purchasing accounts between XP, Vista, Zune, and Xbox.

  3. All I know is that my family absolutely loves the Windows Media Center PVR. The Xbox 360 is a fantastic Extender to get all that content on to the living room TV.

    I currently have the full first season of Sarah Connors Chronicles on my Zune 120 from a Marathon that aired on Space last weekend.

    One of my co-workers highly recommended Fringe at the office last week so I logged into MSN TV with my Windows Live ID and was able to go to the show in their guide and schedule the recording there.

    There’s some magic in the Windows Ecosystem. It’s just so broad that getting all the parts together to make it work properly is way too arduous for the every day computer user.

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