Daily question: Life clock


“Clock Mecanism Slowed down 61320 Time. Each number represent Year”

says the designer, bertrand planes. Not sure about the +7 denomination (each minute = one year) or the 84 year lifespan (the average), but:

Do you really want to look at your own clock winding down… day by day?

One thought on “Daily question: Life clock

  1. Kontra, this hit my RSS feed at 2.28am. I hope your own circadian rhythms were not too affected by this clock.

    There’s a joke about a similar clock for sins: one for every human in a special room in Heaven. It ticks forward for every sin, and backward for every good deed. If you undo all your sins, you return to Heaven immediately. Otherwise, the clock is used for your final judgement. (BTW – another complex problem solved by elegant design).

    St Peter gave me a tour of this room, and I looked around for notable people. Jobs’ clock took a big leap forward with MobileMe, and an equally large leap backward with iTunes accessibility. Gates’ clock was marked in dollar signs, and was heading backward with his focus on charity.

    I asked where Ballmer’s clock was. St Peter said they used it in Hell as an immersion blender to keep the tortured souls in the molten lava.

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