Daily question: Another quantum leap?

This is the press release headline for the new Prada phone by LG introduced yesterday:


Notice the proposition “another quantum leap in mobile phone innovation and design.” T-1 lines were a quantum leap over dial-up. HDTV is a quantum leap over stamp-size QuickTime movies of last decade. Most digital cameras sold today at 5-8 megapixels are a quantum leap over Sony’s Mavica or Apple’s QuickTake of yesteryear. The new Prada phone “another quantum leap”?


Almost identical to the highly successful original, the new telephone has a hidden secret. In one smooth movement the ultra-thin keyboard slides from under the handset. As serenely as it appears it slides invisibly, effortlessly away – a modern icon of mobile style and design with an extra competitive edge.

Sliding keyboard is “another quantum leap”? In 2008?

The Prada phone made history as the first full touch-screen phone to reach the market.

What is a “first full touch-screen phone”? Remember, the Prada phone is not even a multi-touch phone yet.

Its elegant good looks combined with a digitally sophisticated interface made it instantly appealing.

What exactly is a “digitally sophisticated interface” in 2008?

The culmination of Prada research and development in the complete interior as well as exterior design and functionality of the phone and accessories was key to this success.

Prada is known as a leading clothing designer in the fashion industry, competing against Christian Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Gucci. Here, for example, is the Prada homepage:


So where is that “Prada research and development” for mobile devices highlighted as core competency?

The silver keyboard along with the additional on-screen, call and hang-up buttons gives fresh tactility to the original minimal concept.

“…on-screen, call and hang-up buttons gives fresh tactility”? In 2008?

And it goes on…For 600 Euros, it’s yours, if you happen to live in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain or Netherlands.

Why would a western European consumer think this is “another quantum leap” in 2008?

4 thoughts on “Daily question: Another quantum leap?

  1. Well, being really a nitpicker:
    quantum leaps happen in the very small world of […] elementary particles of matter (called fermions) and of photons and other bosons […] (taken from Wikipedia definition).

    So, basically, what there saying is they pushed their innovation forward by nearly nothing or so. Anyway, at least not visible for human beings.

  2. Berend: “Prada offers a copycat device in every aspect.”

    That’s the curious part. Generally speaking, high-end goods are consumed by more discerning customers who are presumably are brand-specific. Other than the Prada name this phone offers very little and it’s expensive. Heck, it’s not even a (pricey but distinct) B&O cellphone. Would people actually drop $100K for a Gucci car, for example?

  3. Of course this isn’t a quantum leap. Prada offers a copycat device in every aspect.

    It is, however, an exemple of professional salesmanship. I happen to live in the Netherlands. Here the iPhone is on the market for only three months. I have an iPhone but I am only one of few and most people look quite strange at it. The iPhone is on stock in T-Mobile and Apple stores but supply isn’t very large yet and neither are the marketing efforts. So…
    So every town has dozens of shops offering mobile phones and all those shop windows need to be filled. With only a few shops offering iPhones and not a single iPhone really on display all those shop windows need to be filled. What should be in there?
    While the public doesn’t have much awareness about the iPhone, the shopkeepers do. They make sure their shops are absolutely stuffed with iPhone look-alikes. They train themselves 24/7 with marketing language just to make sure they have the right arguments at the right moment to explain why their phones are better than the iPhone. The same holds for the advertisements. Prada is just one exemple.

  4. Maybe that quantum leap is a revolutionary new operating system?

    Hmmm, nothing on the LGE website but unfashionable spelling errors typical of an Asian contract manufacturer. Scrolling through the Flash overload of the Prada vanity website which interferes with my browser window size and title bar like a porn site….


    Eureka! MIDP 2.0. Oh, that’s from Sun’s open source Java ME platform for mobile devices, used by over 1100 devices from Alcatel, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and SonyEricsson.


    Maybe the quantum leap is to the market segment that would pay this much for a phone, so far away the usual consumer’s grubby need for utility and value. See Bourgeoisie v Proleteriat.

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