Daily question: How much is the right ad in the right place worth?

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Caption: “Get a world view. Read.” The Economist
Location: Philadelphia, 30th Street Station
Time: 2008, the year of the financial meltdown and the Presidential elections
Client: The Economist
Agency: AMV BBDO

Earlier in 2005:


Client: The Economist
Agency: Ogilvy and Mather

In advertising, it’s often extraordinarily hard to get both the timing and the message right simultaneously. The Economist ad campaigns over the last few years have added to that an impeccable sense of placement as well.

Have you seen ads which would be rendered impotent without their location?

7 thoughts on “Daily question: How much is the right ad in the right place worth?

  1. Ziad: “Nice NYT article about advertising in Grand Central Station”

    Oh yes, the Colorama! I remember it well. And I also remember discussing it with friends whenever it changed, somewhat like an episode of a TV sitcom the day after. Frankly, I am not against the display of commercial ads if they are extraordinary and the advertisers go out of their way to pour in effort and take pride in being clever about it. I sure wouldn’t mind a few sardonic Economist ads. :-)

  2. Late night pundits joked about Obama spending $1m per network for the 30-minute infomercials last week. Best one was:

    That is the most money a Democrat has spent for a half-hour since Elliot Spitzer.

  3. Lawrence: “Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station”

    My bad, should have double-checked the source. Especially given the fact that I have used that station for many years. Thanks for the eagle eyes.

  4. A minor quibble:

    Not sure where adgoodness got its information, but the railway station in the first photo is most definitely Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, not New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Grand Central hasn’t seen Amtrak service in years.

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