Daily question: Can your plant Twitter you?

From ThinkGeek:

There’s a school of thought that says that plants, like higher animals, have thoughts and feelings. They have an inner voice, and can tell you their life-stories, if only you could speak “plant.” It’s not a difficult language to learn, actually – there are only a few words to contend with, since all they seem to care about is how much water they’re getting.


While speaking “plant” will cost you $99.99 in this instance, the result maybe necessary…and satisfying:


Naturally, this begs the question:

What other “household languages” are we likely to learn in the near future?

3 thoughts on “Daily question: Can your plant Twitter you?

  1. I could see the baby monitor change substantially. Baby cries, and the transmitter tweets the parent, who attends to the child, and then tells the monitoring program this was the sound of hunger/wet diaper/discomfort/fear/poopy bum/other. Future tweets are more informative from these ongoing adaptations.

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