Daily question: Can you hear your drawing?

In an elementary school art class the teacher would have us listen to a piece of music and then ask us to “draw” it. Invariably, about a third of the kids would absolutely hate the notion of having to “translate” audio input to graphical output. Most kids, however, would go nuts and splurge in an orgy of colors and shapes, loving every minute of it.

Decades later, we now have visualization plug-ins to iTunes and even more visually refined virtual tools to “draw” music. But nothing beats kids “hearing” their own drawing as they move a pencil on an ordinary piece of paper with instant feedback.

Introducing Drawdio, a $20 DIY electronic pencil kit from MakerSHED:



JJJ Silver, who came up with the idea of Drawdio, emailed BoingBoing to explain how he did it:

One day I bought a “harmonium” kit at the street market in Bangalore. I hacksawed the keyboard off to make the first ever Drawdio circuit. We played with it at a local school in the slums using plants, water, our foreheads, etc. My friend told me graphite would work too. Meditating on it, I realized the Drawdio circuit should be literally attached to a pencil to “draw audio,” and that’s where the name came from: Draw + Audio.

For those of you who sketch or draw professionally:

Would you want your 2B pencil or digital pen to emit audio cues in real-time based on speed, acceleration, rotation, pressure and other attributes?

One thought on “Daily question: Can you hear your drawing?

  1. I suspect those spray-paint artists working Mexican beaches and boardwalks would love their tools to make more sounds, and perhaps even music.

    Would better draw a crowd, as well as provide another product to sell.

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