Noted: “Sweet little animal patterns” for HP

HP Introduces Bright Colors for Somber Times, says FastCompany:

Every year, color and material consultant Laura Guido-Clark helps HP update its memory-keeping products — customizable photo albums, posters, and greeting cards sold in its retail photo centers. She aims to tailor materials and finishes to the cultural climate, and for 2009-2010, she is thinking, “People need optimism.” HP’s new products will feature vibrant colors such as “corals and brighter blues,” and materials such as linen and embossed leather, which suggest a “back-to-nature” sentiment among consumers. There’s also a touch of escapism: “We have some sweet little animal patterns,” says Guido-Clark, “which lighten the load a little bit.”

Besides “memory-keeping” products, Laura Guido-Clark’s design work includes home furnishing and decoration items like:


When it comes to “sweet little animal patterns” in decidedly unoptimistic times, we have this as a reminder to HP (world’s largest computer company) for what happens when a computer company loses focus: