What’s in a name: The other iPhone(s)


Two years ago, the internets were abuzz over the trademark wars between Cisco and Apple regarding the name “iPhone.” Cisco claimed it owned the rights through its earlier acquisition of InfoGear. Apple wanted to use it for its upcoming blockbuster device. Cisco eventually sued Apple. They settled.

Until that moment, of course, 99.9999% of the world’s population had never even heard of the other iPhone. And since 2007? Cisco argued at the time that this would create confusion for consumers. Linksys claims its iPhone is “More than Talk!”:


Apparently, consumers have better sense, as this Google Trends chart shows 99.999% of the world’s population still hasn’t heard of the Linksys iPhone.


It turns out, however, there are other phones consumers can buy with the name “iPhone.” At this Chattanooga, TN based wholesaler, a search for “iPhone” returns 11 different products named “iPhone”:



It’s not what a name can do for your company, it’s what your company can do for a name.