Noted: Reinventing the plastic bottle

pin.pngFrom Advertising Age:

Because he was frustrated that plastic beverage bottles could not easily be stacked in a refrigerator, Finnish industrial designer Stephan Linfoss created the donut-shaped bottle…


The branded Plup Lähdevesi spring water is currently marketed only in Finland, with every bottle sold €0.10 going towards cleaning the Baltic sea.

AdAge also includes a short video interview with Linfoss:


4 thoughts on “Noted: Reinventing the plastic bottle

    • “40 per cent of consumers surveyed by the company said they would not buy a PC unless they could caress it.”

      With research like that who needs Apple! :-)

  1. Given that the inventor’s goal seems to be awareness for his cause and charity money for same, it seems like a successful product.

    However, I notice that the video does not cover some things that might be considered basic design parameters for a bottle of liquid. How is it for actually drinking out of for instance? How would you ever clean it for re-use?

    Other than the “more space in your fridge” argument (which is a bit weak anyway), it doesn’t seem to solve any problems that regular water bottles have or provide any advantages over and above those.

    I see this as a triumph of marketing and packaging, not water bottle design.

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