How many iDownloaders does it take to screw an App Store?

Search results for “iDownloader” at Apple App Store:


Yes, it’s a big operation. Yes, there’ll be a million apps soon. Yes, many apps will inevitably be similar. Yes, shady developers steal other developers’ IP. Yes, all sorts of people try to game it. Yes, the power law may apply to revenues. Yes, you can’t please everyone all the time. Yes, other app stores may be worse. Yes, the App Store was once the crown jewel of Apple’s mobile empire.

Yes, there are many ways to spin this… None fits the bill as much as the notion that Apple’s inability or unwillingness to fundamentally improve categorization, discovery, navigation, display, promotion, fraud, pricing and reviews at the App Store has been most glaring.

Chomp change, indeed.

5 thoughts on “How many iDownloaders does it take to screw an App Store?

  1. Easier said than done, especially when the Mother of Fools and the Mother of Thieves are so fertile and sexually active…

    The fault isn’t in the App Store, it stares us in the mirror every freaking day.

    We are NOT Human.

  2. Perhaps Apple should just integrate video downloading into the next iOS and all those apps will become redundant?

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