In the age of the iPhone and Kindle, is ornamental the future of the printed book?FEB 05, 2009 READ »
250 year old Facebook
If you go by Bibliodyssey‘s account of Stammbücher [Friend’s Book] from the 1750s, Mark Zuckerberg may have not seen the last of the folks in line to sue Facebook for appropriation of the ‘original’ ideaMAR 24, 2009 READ »
Sunday in the park
From Running the Numbers art project where cognitive distance is stripped from pedestrian statistics: every 30 seconds 106,000 aluminum cans are consumed in the U.S.NOV 17, 2008 READ »
Delayed switch
In the physical world, we’ve had devices to delay impulsive behavior like alcohol breath analyzers in cars to prevent drunk driving or double keys to activate potentially dangerous devices. In the virtual world, this is somewhat new. Imagine overlaying carbon-emission preserving impulse-checks on all sorts of online transactions that may result in downstream physical activity, like packaging, transportation, size, consumption, etc.NOV 05, 2008 READ »
Audio pencil
Would you want your 2B pencil or digital pen to emit audio cues in real-time based on speed, acceleration, rotation, pressure and other attributes?DEC 08, 2008 READ »

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