To the fat, lazy and slumbering Microsoft these are all unmonetizable services which Ballmer claims his board would never allow him to let loose on the market. It’s apparently easier to convert a desktop app, slap a “Live” label on it and shove it online to connect the dots to the bank. Is it any wonder why Microsoft hasn’t made any dent in Google’s online dominance?DEC 03, 2008 READ »
Google apps
During its growth period, Microsoft entered into one risky bet after another, from cable TV to office equipment automation to Dick Tracy watches. It saw threats to its core revenue base from every new development, every new player to come along. And expand and spend it did. It did, mostly because its management thought it could.DEC 15, 2009 READ »
Consumers (a market much larger than the enterprise enclave) want devices that are easy to learn, joy to use, consistent, dependable, all without having to be excessively managed. As the Wintel episode illustrates, we have no evidence that this can be achieved through the now-defunct “One OS, many hardware manufacturers” strategy. On the contrary, Apple, RIM, Palm and even Microsoft with Xbox have already demonstrated the benefits of hardware+software+services integration.MAR 16, 2010READ »
Predictably, Microsoft has come to a fork: go it alone or partner? Follow the Zune strategy and come out with a “ZunePhone”? Or continue the current “one OS, many hardware partners” strategy that clearly failed in digital media?OCT 06, 2008 READ »
Welcome to the absurdity of design coordination across several continents among “partners” with different cultures, innovation capabilities, corporate agendas and competitive pressures. Unfortunately for Microsoft to repudiate this is tantamount to repudiating its PC history, which still provides the vast majority of its revenues. Welcome to the Zune generation, Microsoft. Rock. Hard place.APR 01, 2009 READ »
New Zunes
There can be no better evidence of this incrementalism and dogged pursuit of mediocrity than Zune 2. Microsoft had Apple in its cross-hairs for the last 3-4 years as a potentially lethal threat against its digital media format, DRM and distribution dominance.OCT 03, 2007 READ »
I am a PC
Therein lies Microsoft’s problem. Perception reversing by appropriating your enemy’s words can work only if your insurgency has an identifiable goal. Witness Apple which effectively used its insurgent status to barge into the consumer desktop, digital music and cellphone businesses and changed them in alignment with users’ shared aspirations.SEP 19, 2008 READ »

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