Yahoo! Finance
For the past 15 years, Yahoo has been confusing “ordered information” first with “content aggregation” and then with “task completion.” While ordered information is presumably better than unordered information, simple aggregation (and that’s all Yahoo has, for the most part) is still quite low on the food chain, both for Yahoo’s bottom line as well as its utility to Yahoo users.
JAN 30, 2013 READ »
Systems designers know all too well: when you just don’t have the time, money, staff or technology to solve a given problem, there are ways to cheat. Steve Jobs would be the first to tell you: that’s OK. A well executed cheat can be indistinguishable from a fundamental architectural transition.
FEB 26, 2013 READ »
How can anyone characterize as “innovation” originating arbitrary amounts of loans without verification or risk analysis simply because the originator will no longer be on the hook once an individual loan is bundled with other assets to be securitized and sold to others? Is avoidance of inevitable defaults on payment through securitization “innovation”? Only if you must come up with another buzzword for a new year to hang your hat on. “Transformation” indeed.JAN 04, 2009 READ »
Nokia SKUs
In contrast, Apple uniquely leverages what’s essentially a single OS across desktop, server, mobile and set-top devices. Each innovation and improvement can not only quickly propagate across platforms through shared frameworks, but can also closely integrate them further to create the ‘halo effect’ that sells more Apple products. If Nokia’s strategy is ‘segment and conquer’ Apple’s is ‘integrate and cross-sell.’APR 20, 2009 READ »
What’s not publicly known is Ive’s role, if any, on Apple software. The current meme of Ive coming on a white horse to rescue geeks in distress from Scott Forstallian skeuomorphism is wishfully hilarious. Like industrial design of physical devices, software is part form and part function: aesthetics and experience. Apple’s software problems aren’t dark linen, Corinthian leather or torn paper. In fact, Apple’s software problems aren’t much about aesthetics at all…they are mostly about experience. To paraphrase Ive’s former boss, Apple’s software problems aren’t about how they look, but how they work. Sometimes — sadly more often than we expect — they don’t: NOV 5, 2012 READ »
By parsing a “natural language” request lexically into structural subject-predicate-object parts semantically, Siri can not only find documents and facts (like Google) but also execute stated or implied actions with granted authority. The ability to form deep semantic lookups, integrate information from multiple sources, devices and 3rd party apps, perform rules arbitration and execute transactions on behalf of the user elevates Siri from a schoolmarmish librarian (à la Google Search) into an indispensable butler, with privileges.NOV 12, 2012 READ »
Strategic or systems oriented design is a balance…of business, design and technology. Steve Jobs’ second coming at Apple has been an exemplary demonstration of the power of strategic design. If Jobs had listened to the Street and the pundits who were browbeating Apple to adopt Microsoft’s DRM/WMA or to open up the iTunes/iPod/iTMS triad to third parties a few years ago, I doubt very much that it would have sold over 100 million iPods and 3 billion songs.OCT 1, 2007 READ »
iPod versus others
If Apple migrates too many critical apps and frameworks to Windows to make its cross-platform devices platform-neutral, will it be able to maintain sufficient differentiating advantage over Windows for the rest of its desktop business? And if it keeps some of its innovations Mac-only will that hold back its ability to out-innovate its numerous and well-funded competitors for cross-platform devices?OCT 29, 2007 READ »
Book cover
Can risk-averse competitors like Dell or Acer, with far smaller profit margins, afford to duplicate Apple’s experience? And in this ‘era of user experience’ can they survive without being able to?OCT 21, 2007 READ »
You compared yourself to “Leon, the Naked Man” who was more knowledgeable both about Apple products and selling in general, with a good sales record. Do customers really want to be “informed” rather than “sold”? Is that a winning sales strategy? Did you come across any customers taken aback by the absence of hard-selling?NOV 26, 2007 READ »
Bill Gates is absolutely right that we all should pay far more attention to enterprise software. Only then will we learn just how much work is needed to strip away layers of mindless complexity in Microsoft’s own SharePoint, BizTalk and others, to finally render them…sexy.DEC 10, 2007 READ »
Flip the switch
Nokia wasn’t in the business of shipping a great user experience, products that delight customers, engaging and innovative apps, vibrant and profitable ecosystem…it was in the business of flipping switches and shipping out millions of “units” even when they knew “it was bad, in its worst incarnation.” And they “knew [they] could count on that.” It wasn’t about the product, it was all about the units.APR 25, 2012 READ »
In a nutshell, Google, one of the most opportunistic web companies on the planet and Wilson’s true north, has seen the light, recognized the centrality of mobile apps and decided to join the revolution. If it’s taken Google 300,000+ apps and 10 billion downloads to see the light, I don’t know how long it might take Wilson to change his anti-app tune and re-calibrate his portfolio.JAN 31, 2011 READ »

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